Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meeting, Training, and Conferences at Sea

Your boss has come to you and wants you to plan an event for your company. He gives the parameters for the meeting, the budget, who is to attend, what is needed, etc and asks you to find the right location. You start calling around different locations and getting prices and find that what the boss wants and some of the locations he suggested may not fit into his budget. What do you do?

How to Find the Ideal Location for Your Meeting, Training, Conference, Event, Etc

Have you ever been invited to an event (i.e. meeting, conference, training class, wedding, etc.) that seems to be in the middle of nowhere? You spend so much time panning on how to get there that you wonder if the trip to the event is worth it.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly Newsletter for July 3, 2011 - July 4th Special

This week's newsletter is all about 4th of July! Check it out HERE

Oh No - It's a Long Weekend! What Are We Going to Do?

This week America celebrates its 235th birthday. Yep the 4th of July has rolled around again and this year it falls on a Monday so it means a long weekend for most people. When people suddenly realize they have a long weekend, some go into panic mode. Do we stay home and get work done around the house, do we stay home and do some stuff around the area, do we pack up and get out of town for the weekend, or do we have guests coming to stay?

Weekly Newsletter for June 27, 2011 - New Zealand Special

It was New Zealand week last week. Here is the newsletter dedicated to New Zealand. Click HERE

Weekly Newsletter for June 13, 2011

Sorry I have been a little remiss about posting my newsletters! Here is the one from June 13. Click HERE to read.